Zelensky turned to the US

Vladimir Zelensky asked the US for help in “overcoming Russia’s aggression.” According to the press service of the President of Ukraine, the topic was voiced during a meeting with representatives of the administration of the United States of America and the US Congress, who arrived in Kiev to participate in the official inauguration ceremony.

“The US is a powerful and very serious partner for Ukraine, primarily in overcoming Russia’s aggression. We will not be able to overcome Russian aggression on our own in Donbas and Crimea. Therefore we need your help, — the President emphasized. — I would like to urge you to the United States continued to tighten sanctions against Russia.”

Vladimir Zelensky also thanked the United States for its assistance in the field of security.

He added that he is ready to implement transparent, open and democratic reforms in Ukraine: “We have a very good example — this is your country. The reform of Ukraine as a whole, in all sectors, will take place not after the ceasefire in the Donbas, but in parallel. Because we need it. We want to become a European country in the field of values and transparency.”

Zelensky also thanked the US President for his congratulations and expressed hope for a meeting in the near future.
On the American side, the meeting was attended by US energy Minister Rick Perry, US special representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker, US Senator Ron Johnson, the press service of the Ukrainian President.

Author: Flyn Braun
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