Zayn Malik’s colleague sparked rumours about his wedding to Gigi Hadid

A few months ago, rumours appeared in the press that 28-year-old Zayn Malik made a marriage proposal to his 25-year-old lover Gigi Hadid. Now the entire Internet is discussing a possible secret wedding of a star couple.

Zane’s colleague, 41-year-old American indie singer Ingrid Michaelson, was given a reason to talk about this. During yesterday’s Livestream on Patreon, she talked about her new song, To Begin Again, which she was working on with Malik. Ingrid admitted that their creative process was developing very unusual and casually dropped the phrase that Zane has recently married.

We never met in person or spoke. Zane never does what he doesn’t want to do, and the fact that he took on this song is very flattering to me. He is a rather reserved person, and now he is also married, raising a child. So he always does only what he wants, – said Michaelson.

Ingrid’s phrase about Zayn Malik’s new marital status had a bomb-like effect on the network. This topic immediately became the most trending on Twitter: fans of Malik and Hadid began to discuss how true the musician’s colleague’s words were. Many doubted that Zane would share such important news with a person he had never seen in person.

Soon, Ingrid confirmed on her Twitter that she was wrong, stating that Zane is now married. The singer apologized to all the couple’s fans, whom she, through her own negligence, misled.

Recall that in mid-January, Zayn Malik himself provoked rumours of a possible engagement with Gigi Hadid. In one of his new tracks, he stated that his beloved could become his wife, which excited the whole fandom. By the way, the couple has not given any official confirmation of their likely engagement since that time. Now Zane and Gigi are fully focused on caring for their daughter Hai, born at the end of September.

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