Zack Snyder talks about what should happen in the sequel “Justice League”

Initially, “Justice League” was conceived as a two-part epic culmination of all projects of the expanded DC universe, but after the movie was released, these plans were abandoned. Now all the past ideas are no longer relevant, and Warner Bros. has no plans to further develop Zack Snyder’s storylines. In a recent interview with The New York Times, timed to coincide with the imminent premiere of the director’s cut of the superhero crossover, the director told what should have happened in the sequel, which is unlikely to ever be filmed:

“After Superman was subjected to the anti-life equation, the Earth would fall. Flash would travel back in time to prevent disaster. A big battle with Darkseid would certainly have taken place, in which all the armies of the Earth would have united together with the Atlanteans and the Amazons. This would be our grand finale, but before that, let’s say, there would be a long drum roll and a powerful guitar solo. “

Zack Snyder

Critics have already praised Snyder’s four-hour run, and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Regular viewers will be able to watch the picture in just three days when it is released on the streaming service HBO Max. In Russia “League” will be available on the same day to all subscribers of the online cinema “KinoPoisk HD” in full dubbing and with subtitles.

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