YouTube will remove content challenging Biden’s election victory

YouTube will remove content containing false information and allegations of fraud in the past US presidential election from Wednesday, the company said.

“We will begin removing any content uploaded today, or later that may mislead people by claiming fraud or errors that changed the outcome of the 2020 presidential election,” the company said. It is explained that on the eve of Tuesday, “a sufficient number of states” completed certification of the election results, confirming the victory of Democrat Joe Biden.

The current Republican President, Donald Trump, does not admit defeat: trump and his campaign staff claim that the Democrats “stole” his victory during the last election. Trump is trying to challenge the vote results, claiming that Biden was recognized as the winner illegally.

As reported by YouTube on Wednesday, since September, the company has removed more than 8 thousand channels and thousands of video publications that spread false information about the past elections or otherwise violate the company’s election policy.

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