YouTube is preparing a series of measures to combat disinformation ahead of the US elections

YouTube hasn’t announced a massive strategy to tackle the flow of misinformation ahead of the 2020 US elections, but the platform does offer some interesting new measures. The innovations are reported by Tech Crunch.

YouTube will begin attaching a verified fact box on mail-order voting to any videos that discuss the topic.

YouTube first added these dashboards in 2018, expanding them this year to combat misinformation about COVID-19. Fact-verified platform information fields are similar to unobtrusive information labels on Twitter and Facebook.

YouTube will also add several features to encourage users to register to vote. Voter registration searches will direct users to an information box at the top of the page that will direct them to relevant data for each specific state. Users will be able to find out the timing of registration for elections and how to check the status of voter registration.

Similar to Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook, YouTube is also launching its own election information videos, which will gather facts about the US vote. YouTube videos take a playful approach that mimics popular video trends.

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