Xiaomi smartphone will be fully charged in a few minutes

Xiaomi is developing a smartphone that will fully charge from a network device in a few minutes.

The presentation of the new gadget, which will support 200W fast wired charging, is scheduled for the second part of 2021.

These include fast wired charging, wireless charging technology, and a reversible wireless charging system for recharging small gadgets.

200W is the combined power of all supported charging methods for a smartphone. That is, it is a combination of fast wired, wireless and reverse wireless charging.

It may not be about the power of wired charging, but about the total of both wireless and wired charging. It is possible that the flagship Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra will receive a new function.

Last year, the company already showed off the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra smartphone, which has a 120W charger. This year, Vivo and Nubia have already presented gadgets with similar charges.

Author: John Kessler
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