Xiaomi showed a smartphone with an improved sub-screen camera

Next week, September 1, ZTE will unveil the world’s first smartphone with a sub-screen camera. Xiaomi decided not to lag behind, but so far only showed the camera itself, and not the device ready for release.

The technology was demonstrated first in June last year, and then in October, but those cameras were unfinished and not ready for use in production smartphones. Now representatives of Xiaomi have shown a prototype with the third generation of the sub-screen camera.

Past cameras did not let in enough light, and the display area where they were located had a lower pixel density. The new solution is called almost ideal: the selfie camera is invisible, but it takes pictures almost the same as conventional front cameras.

This is due to the special pixel arrangement: light passes through the gaps between the subpixels, so there is no need to turn off some pixels. At the same time, the number of pixels in the camera placement area is doubled to match the density of the entire screen. As a result, the display above the camera has the same color, gamma, and brightness characteristics.

Mass production of such subscreen cameras will begin only next year, so the first smartphone with the technology is promised in 2021. Perhaps it will be the flagship Xiaomi Mi 11.

Author: John Kessler
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