Xiaomi patented a foldable smartphone with a sliding front camera

Even though Xiaomi has not yet released its foldable smartphone to the market, its engineers continue to experiment with similar devices.

Our colleagues from LetsGoDigital have obtained new patents from a Chinese manufacturer for another folding apparatus prototype. The rendered device looks very similar to the original Galaxy Fold. The smartphone has two displays: a large main one with thin bezels and an additional one outside.

Unlike the Samsung smartphone, there are no cutouts or holes for the front camera. She was placed on a special exit mechanism. By the way, it has two modules. Besides, in the images, you can still see the main one with three sensors, a USB-C charging port, and a speaker on the device’s bottom.

Unfortunately, it is unknown whether this is a final sample of a folding Xiaomi smartphone or another concept that will not appear on the market.

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