Xiaomi is already ready to launch production of smartphones with a sub-screen camera

Xiaomi has been working on a sub-screen selfie camera for a long time, which will rid the display of all notches and holes. And now, technology seems to be ready.

Recall that the company recently showed the third generation of the sub-screen camera. Past cameras did not let in enough light, and the display area where they were located had a lower pixel density. The new solution is called almost ideal: the selfie camera is invisible, but it takes pictures almost the same as conventional front cameras. This is due to the special pixel arrangement: light passes through the gaps between the subpixels, so there is no need to turn off some pixels.

Now the founder, chairman, and CEO of Xiaomi Group Lei Jun has revealed that such a camera is ready for mass production. True, Xiaomi for some reason decided not to rush and will start producing smartphones only next year.

“Our engineering team insists on continuous innovation, and screen camera technology is released three times a year. The final form of fullscreen mode is here! This is a breakthrough in technology under the screen, reaching the level of mass production. Don’t worry, next year everyone will get this technology, ”the head of the company stressed.

By the way, the key partner of Xiaomi in the production of smartphones with a sub-screen camera will be Star Optoelectronics.

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