Xiaomi introduced a smart socket MiJia Smart Socket 2 Bluetooth Gateway Edition for $7

Xiaomi has announced its next new smart home product in China – the MiJia Smart Socket 2 Bluetooth Gateway Edition.

As the name suggests, the new model is the successor to the original MiJia Smart Socket. She received a housing that is made of a fire-resistant material that can withstand temperatures up to 750 ° C. As with the previous version, the new socket can be controlled from a smartphone and using voice commands.

The socket shows statistics on energy consumption, the power of the connected device, and much more. The gadget also has protection against power surges and overheating, as well as the function of monitoring the temperature inside the outlet and the Child Safety Door mode. There are no USB-A connectors in the new product.

MiJia Smart Socket 2 Bluetooth Gateway Edition is sold only on the Youpin proprietary crowdfunding platform. The issue price is $7.

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