Xiaomi introduced a new fitness bracelet with magnetic charging

Xiaomi introduced a new fitness bracelet with magnetic charging. Now the user does not have to constantly remove the tracker module from the strap to charge it. Information about the new product appeared in the company’s account in Weibo. Details about the features of the new generation Mi Band.

The Chinese company introduced its potential bestseller, the Mi Band 5, as expected, the new fitness bracelet will solve the main problem of previous generations, namely the fragility of the strap. First of all, this was due to the fact that users had to remove the tracker module from it all the time. There was simply no other way to charge the device. Mi Band 5 will support the magnetic charging method. To do this, just bring the magnetic cable to the charging connectors located on the back of the module.

Mi band new generation

In addition, the fifth generation Mi Band will have a larger screen – the usable display area will increase by 20% compared to Mi Band 4. The screen size will be 1.2 ″.

The sensors of the device will also change. While Xiaomi does not name specific innovations, but judging by the published images, we are talking about a new heart rate sensor, which will also be able to determine the level of oxygen in the blood. Monitoring of sleep, stress levels and respiratory quality will improve.

Commentators also note that the Chinese corporation will integrate a sensor that monitors the menstrual cycle into the tracker, as well as remote control of the smartphone’s camera and 11 sports modes. Perhaps the NFC function will also be available for the domestic Chinese market. So far, rumors about the support of voice assistant Alexa have not been confirmed.

The cost of the new device, according to preliminary information, will be $25.

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