Xiaomi has debunked the myth that its 200-watt charging is dangerous and damaging the battery

At the end of May, Xiaomi introduced a new ultra-fast charging technology with a record HyperCharge capacity and now hastened to answer users’ questions about the safety of such charging.

As a reminder, HyperCharge delivers 200W wire and 120W wireless. In the first case, the 4000 mAh battery is fully charged in just 8 minutes, and for 50% charging it takes 3 minutes altogether. In the second case, it will take 15 and 7 minutes, respectively.

This raises a logical question: is such charging safe? According to Xiaomi representatives, HyperCharge includes 40 elements of security and protection, in addition, the technology is thoroughly tested, so it is completely safe.

Plus, fast charging won’t harm the battery. Tests have shown that even after 800 charge cycles, the battery retains 80% of its original capacity, although, for example, the Chinese industry standard requires at least 60% after 400 cycles.

As a reminder, HyperCharge is not yet supported by any smartphone. Which model will be the first to support the new technology is still unknown.

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