X-Men 2 director nearly killed Hugh Jackman on the set

Brian Singer is known not only as a talented filmmaker but also as a problematic person. Not so long ago, due to his inappropriate behavior, he was deprived of the director’s chair in the film “Bohemian Rhapsody”, and now it became known about his antics during the work on the X-Men franchise. According to The Hollywood Reporter, during the filming of X-Men 2 (2003), Singer was under the influence of drugs, showing his “violent nature” and making impulsive decisions. The director’s lack of professionalism resulted in the need for reshoots and also became the reason for the injury that Hugh Jackman received.

According to an anonymous source, when Singer was discovered to be drunk on set, producer Tom DeSanto gave the order to stop filming. Singer, however, ignored these instructions, insisting on continuing the work. The director ordered the filming of an action scene scheduled for the next day to begin. Since the stunt performer needed for this scene was not available, Jackman had to perform stunts without a belay. This led to Jackman’s “bleeding in front of the camera.” Only after that, the production of the film was suspended. However, Fox studio bosses made concessions to Singer and decided to remove DeSanto from filming. The decision angered the cast members, who threatened to leave the project en masse if DeSanto was kicked out.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it was at this point that actress Halle Berry threw the now-famous phrase “You can kiss me in my black ass” at Singer. This exclamation has been circulating in the press for many years, but the background behind it was not known until now. At the same time, Singer’s representative has already managed to declare that “nothing of the kind actually happened.”

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