WP: Texas shooter was deliberately shooting at “Mexicans”

Patrick Crucius told the police why his choice fell on El Paso – a city where mainly Spanish-speaking Americans liveю
Patrick Crucius, a suspect in the murder of 22 people in El Paso, confirmed to police that he purposefully chose as victims “Mexicans.” The Washington Post reported.
At the disposal of journalists turned out to be the Protocol of interrogation of Crusius drawn up after his arrest. The suspect told the police, “I’m the shooter,” when the young man was arrested immediately after the shooting. Crucius ‘ statement was taken on Sunday, the day after the incident. He was charged with aggravated murder.
The police arrested Crusius shortly after the shooting. The car in which the suspect was driving, stopped at a crossroads near the Walmart supermarket, where the shooting occurred. Crucius got out of the car with his hands up and then surrendered to the police, according to the Protocol.
“The accused claims that in the store he opened fire from his AK-47, and shot a lot of innocent victims,” – said in the interrogation Protocol. Crucius confirmed that he purposefully shot at the Mexicans.
The police of El Paso has refused to answer questions from Reuters in connection with the publication of the minutes of the interrogation.
CNN, citing sources close to the investigation, talked about why the choice of the offender fell on El Paso – a city in Western Texas, where 83% of the population are Hispanic Americans and immigrants from Latin America. According to sources, Crucius wanted to arrange a shooting as far as possible from the suburbs of Dallas, where he lived with his relatives.
The young man assumed that if he had staged a mass murder near Dallas, then his relatives could find out about it. Crucius drove the car for about 11 hours, covering a distance of more than 1000 km before getting to El Paso.
Crucius was accused of killing 22 people and injuring more than two dozen people. On the eve of the shooting, he published a “Manifesto” on the Internet, in which he explained the motives of the crime – Crucius believed that in this way he was fighting the “invasion” of Spanish-speaking immigrants to the United States. The mass shooting in El Paso is being investigated as a hate crime and terrorist act.

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