World Athletics has published an abbreviated Diamond League calendar

World Athletics has published on its official website a preliminary abbreviated calendar of the diamond League 2020 tournament series.

“In this preliminary calendar, some Diamond League meetings will be held as one-off exhibition events, while others will be held as adapted Diamond League meetings. There will be no events in July and the first half of August, but instead, the season will be extended to October,” the statement said.

“The Diamond League 2020 will not be a structured series of events leading up to the final, as it usually is. Given the existing inconsistencies in training and travel opportunities, it will not be possible to ensure a level playing field and fair qualification system during 2020. Therefore, this season, athletes will not earn Diamond League points. Each organizer of the meeting will review and announce the format of their competitions, as well as what disciplines will be included,” the message reads.

It is noted that the stages in the Work (May 31) and London (July 4), as well as the final in Zurich (September 9-11), have been canceled. Because of the coronavirus situation, the General Assembly of the Diamond League granted Zurich the right to host the finals in 2021 and 2022.

The new preliminary calendar of the Diamond League 2020 looks like this:
Monaco-August 14,
Stockholm-August 23,
Lausanne (Switzerland) – September 2,
Brussels-September 4,
Paris-September 6,
Gateshead (England) – September 12,
Rome/Naples (Italy) – September 17,
Shanghai-September 19,
Doha-October 9,
The second tournament in China is on October 17.

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