‘Wonder Woman: 1984’ star Gal Gadot shows a new photo from the set

The premiere date for Wonder Woman 1984 has been postponed several times. Currently, the premiere is scheduled for October 2 this year. However, if cinemas do not resume normal operations, the film may even be rescheduled for the next year.

The actress posted on Twitter her photo from the filming with a mask on her face. The signature encourages everyone to wear masks. Since the pandemic is the main source of problems for Wonder Woman 1984, it is not surprising that Gadot is in favor of measures to defeat the pandemic.

However, fans were primarily interested in when this picture was taken. Since the actress did not leave any clues, fantasy was used. One of the versions popular with fans of superhero cinema is that this is a photograph from additional filming of scenes for the director’s version of the ‘Justice League’ by Zack Snyder.