Women lead the fight against drug cartel in Mexico

In the Mexican state of Michoacan, women have led the fight against the drug cartel. Most of them claim that their relatives were taken or killed by the groups’ members, so they are forced to resist. The Associated Press writes about it.

Michoacan, the world’s largest lemons supplier and limes, recently took over the Jalisco cartel from a neighbouring state. One of the members of the “militia” said that the cartel had kidnapped her brother. Since then, no one has heard of the man. Another woman has a missing 14-year-old daughter.

The women carry assault rifles, watch the roads, and dig trenches. They even made a “tank” for themselves – they welded steel plates to the pickup. Moreover, many of the women are pregnant or have small children – they have to be taken with them to the “service””.

“We are here not just like that, but to achieve justice by hook or by crook, because if we don’t do it, no one else will do it,” one of the women stressed.

Earlier, police and officials in Mexico bought spy equipment and sold it to cartels to spy on journalists and activists, or provided them with the information they needed in exchange for bribes.

Author: Sam Smith
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