With the help of radar, scientists restored the appearance of the ancient city without excavation

Using a radar that can read information from under the ground, scientists have restored the appearance of the ancient Roman city of Falerii Novi. It was founded in 241 BC. This is the first time that an ancient city has been completely mapped using radar. Information about the study is published in the scientific journal Antiquity.

This image shows a fragment of the ancient Roman city of Falerii Novi in ​​Italy, here you can see the outline of city buildings. The information was completely received from GPR.

Antiquity Publications Ltd, 2020
Antiquity Publications Ltd, 2020

Archaeologists used ground-based radar to map the view of the entire ancient Roman city without excavation: it is completely submerged deep underground. Falerii Novi is relatively small and looks like a fenced-off area of ​​30 hectares. The city was founded in 241 BC during the time of the Roman Republic and is located 50 km north of Rome.

Our study provides an opportunity to explore other, larger cities. For example, we can look at the ancient Miletus, Nikopol in Greece or Cyrene in Libya. At the moment, we do not have much knowledge about everyday life in ancient Roman cities, but the radar will make it possible to make up for this.

Martin Millett, professor at Cambridge University

In order to completely restore the appearance of the city, scientists shone the earth with radar every 12.5 cm. As a result, they found out the plan of the city and also determined which buildings were built there. In particular, they managed to discover unusual structures that were not in Pompeii and other ancient Roman cities: a public pool, a piping system that diverged to different parts of the city, and two unknown buildings that looked like a temple.

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