Wireless charging for electric cars will appear in 2020

CNET reports that electric vehicle manufacturers will introduce several versions of wireless chargers for electric vehicles. However, journalists are not sure that they will become popular among drivers.

In 2020, car manufacturers will release wireless chargers for electric vehicles based on a generally accepted standard, CNET reports. According to reporters, these chargers will work just like wireless chargers for smartphones. To do this, put the electric car on a special platform, and it will begin to charge without the help of wires.

Manufacturers want to make charging electric cars as easy as possible for consumers and standardize future wireless charging locations in both public places and homes. For this, the Society of Automotive Engineers has developed a standard (SAE J2954), which, according to CNET, is in the final stages of development.

The German automaker BMW has already demonstrated a wireless charging tray that owners can place on the floor of their garage. When the car’s ignition is turned off, the block starts charging the car automatically.

CNET authors are not sure that wireless charging will become popular. Authorities will need to make sure that the additional cost of installing public wireless charging stations is worth the investment — especially in addition to the existing costs of installing conventional charging stations.

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