Windows 11 will no longer have a blue screen of death. It will turn black

Microsoft did not lie, announcing major updates to the new operating system Windows 11. Thus, the changes even affected the blue “screen of death”.

Recall that a screen with a corresponding entry appears in the event of a critical error that prevents the device from continuing to work. The Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) appeared in Windows 3.1. In 2012, a sad smiley was added to Windows 8, and in 2016 – a QR code for contacting technical support. Since then, it has not been changed.

But enthusiasts found that in Windows 11, the screen color changed from blue to black. At the same time, the entry, code, and smiley face remained the same as in Windows 10. By the way, the abbreviation BSoD has not changed either, since both black and blue colors in English begin with the same letter.

To change the screen color, you need to find the HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlCrashControl key in the Windows 11 registry and change the DisplayPreRelaseColor value to 0.

Most likely, in this way, Microsoft decided to match the same color palette, since, in Windows 11, the startup and shutdown screens are also black.

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