William Taylor: The investigation against Burisma was directed against Joe Biden

The text of the speech at the congressional hearings of the head of the US diplomatic mission in Ukraine was published.

The head of the US diplomatic mission in Ukraine, William Taylor, told US lawmakers that, in his opinion, the impetus in the investigation of the energy company Burisma and the role played in it by Hunter Biden was the desire to damage the reputation of his father, former US President Joe Biden.

“As I understood it, the purpose of the Burisma investigation was to cast a shadow over Vice President Biden,” Taylor said, according to a transcript of closed-door hearings that are taking place in several House Committees as part of the impeachment investigation procedure. Lawmakers released the transcript on Wednesday.

Joe Biden is one of the main contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination. This makes Biden potentially one of the most serious rivals of Republican incumbent Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

Author: Flyn Braun
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