Will Smith showed his body “without filters”: fans are surprised

In the eyes of the layman, Hollywood stars are always slim, fit, with beautiful pumped-up bodies. We remember Will Smith as a superhero in movies like “I, Robot” and “I am Legend.” His body, it seems, has always been strong, embossed, in a word, perfect. However, time and circumstances do not spare anyone.

Will Smith posted a photo on Instagram called “no filters,” which shocked the audience a little. In his boxer shorts and an open sports jacket, he stands against the backdrop of a pond on a lawn full of fallen leaves and throws up his hands significantly. The naked eye can see that the actor has noticeably gained weight, and the abs and the relief of the chest area have disappeared without a trace.

Nevertheless, 52-year-old Will Smith is a man with humor and self-irony. In the photo, he smiles, and in the caption to the picture, he admits that he has never looked so bad, and his current physical form is the worst in his entire life.

— I’ll be honest with you — I’m in the worst shape of my life!”  Will wrote.

Foreign media suggested that this is the strict quarantine, which was the whole of America for some time. Moreover, subscribers, including colleagues and friends, supported Will, concluding that Mr. Smith can be in any form.

“This is the most amazing post in the history of social media,” “I don’t see anything ‘terrible’ here.” “You are Will Smith! You can be in any shape you want,” ” Let’s be honest. You are 52 years old. And you look great.” “You’ve been in great shape all your life; enjoy your daddy’s body! And let’s end … the carb discrimination.”

Will Smith wrote in the comments.

Author: Sam Smith
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