Will.i.am Launches Noise Canceling, Bluetooth & Filter Face Mask

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Will.i.am is no stranger to technology as he has invested in companies like Tesla and Beats Electronics. His next venture is focused on a high-tech face mask.

William Adams, better known under the pseudonym Will.i.am, is an American rapper, multi-instrumentalist, actor, and music producer, one of the founders and leader of the hip-hop group The Black Eyed Peas, owner of the will.i.am music label, philanthropist, Creative Director of Intel Corporation and 3D Systems Company. It recently announced a partnership with Honeywell to launch Xupermask, a high-tech face mask with noise-canceling headphones, Bluetooth support, and HEPA filtering system. As a reminder, HEPA is a kind of high-efficiency air filter. Used in vacuum cleaners, air purification systems, and ventilation and air conditioning. Filters of this type began to be used in the 40s in the USA during the development of a nuclear project.

The mask will retail for $299 in two sizes: Small/Medium or Medium/Large and will ship in the US on April 8th. Interested consumers can purchase Xupermask from the product website.

In an interview with the US TODAY, Will.i.am stated that his idea for the Xupermask originated in an attempt to solve the problems that come with wearing a mask regularly. We are talking about, for example, fogging up glasses or a muffled voice that is difficult to hear during a call.

“I saw that when people were called, they took off their mask, their headphones fell to the floor, and then the mask. As a result, all the precautions were pointless, ”explained Will.i.am, who wanted to take part in solving the problem.

The Xupermask includes a dedicated head strap to keep the mask tight to the face, three 2-speed fans circulating air, HEPA filtration, and replaceable filters that users change every 30 days. It also features a magnetic headphone dock and noise-canceling microphone, and LED backlighting.

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