Why the UK is building the deepest pool in the world

In the British county of Cornwall, construction began on the largest swimming pool in the world – Blue Abyss. Its depth will be 50 meters, that is, it can be compared with an 18-storey building sunk into the ground. The project leader is former diving instructor John Vickers. The construction cost is estimated at $ 211 million, which in terms of our money is more than 15 billion rubles. It would be quite logical if the deep pool was used to teach people extreme swimming, but no – in this case, the money invested simply would not pay off. The pool with a record depth is planned to be used for completely different purposes, which we will talk about in this article. In short, robots and astronauts will swim in the depths of the pool.

The largest swimming pool in the world

The construction of the deepest pool on Earth was reported in the BBC News. The Blue Abyss reservoir, which translates as “Blue Abyss”, will be located in the Aerohub Enterprise Zone at Cornwall Airport. An area of ​​40 thousand square meters has been allocated for the construction of a pool measuring 40 by 50 meters. The huge reservoir will be able to fit 42 thousand cubic meters of water – the journalists compared this with the volume of 17 Olympic-size pools. A huge crane weighing 30 tons will be installed next to the structure, which will be used to lower large loads into the water.

What is a pool for?

Usually, swimming pools are built so that people can swim in them, because such physical activity has a good effect on health. But the deepest reservoir Blue Abyss will be used for other purposes:

  • for testing underwater robotics. A system of labyrinths for testing will be located at great depths. In one of the articles I talked about a robot for searching for treasures in flooded mines – devices of this kind and will be tested in the pool;
  • for teaching astronauts to reside on the International Space Station. Water allows simulating weightlessness, so members of the future ISS crews will be able to prepare for new conditions;
  • for beautiful underwater filming. It is possible that films with complex special effects will be filmed in the pool;
  • for training deep-sea divers. At the beginning of the article, I said that the pool will not be designed for teaching people – we are talking about ordinary people who swim for pleasure. Professionals will still swim inside this pool.

According to the authors of the project, after the construction of the pool, 160 jobs with good wages will be available for residents of Cornwall. The pool will annually bring about $ 11 million (827 million rubles) to the local budget.

Blue Abyss will be a huge research asset for aerospace, marine energy and underwater robotics, as well as a fantastic educational hub for kids and university students, ”explained project leader John Vickers.

British astronaut Timothy Peake said the pool will expand knowledge of how humans and technology can interact in extreme conditions. Unfortunately, when the Blue Abyss will be completed, it has not been reported.

The largest swimming pool

We have already found out that the Blue Abyss pool is not for fun. Deepspot is the largest swimming pool in Poland, according to CNN Travel. It opened in December 2020 and is 45 meters deep – almost no worse than the reservoir described above. The construction of this structure took two years and cost $ 10.6 million. At the bottom of the pool there are models of sunken ships, Mayan ruins and underwater caves. They are needed so that divers can explore them.

There are no fish or coral reefs here, so the built pool cannot replace the real sea. But this is definitely a good place to train for safe diving in open waters, – said swimming instructor Przemyslaw Kacprzak.

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