Why Russian government resigned and what changes are to follow?

The recent news saying that the Russian government had resigned was a complete
surprise for everyone even in the light of a series of strength-ensuring actions made
both within and outside the country. The announcement that there will now be a
new prime-minister followed quickly. President of the Russian Federation,
Vladimir Putin, wants to see Mikhail Mishustin in the position of the premier-
minister instead of Dmitry Medvedev.

Before the resignation was announced, President Vladimir Putin listed a number of
proposed constitutional changes. Later, after explaining why the government
resides, Medvedev hinted that it is done to facilitate the progression of proposed

What are the changes Putin proposed?

Among many other changes, Vladimir Putin proposed to:

● In regards to sovereignty of law in Russia, international laws will be
implemented in Russia only in case if these laws do not contradict the
already-accepted constitution and human rights;
● The president will no longer be able to hold the presidency for more that two
consecutive terms (although Putin mentioned this is not a critical point);
● The members of Russian government should not hold double citizenship or
live permanently in another country. Moreover, the President of Russia
should be living in the country for 25 years;
● From now on, the prime-minister and all other ministers should be appointed
by the State Duma (or parliament) and not the President him/herself. Also
the President won’t have a right to reject those appointments;
● The role and influence of the State Council should be extended and
● The independence of judges should be ensured more seriously.

Of course, this is far from being the full list of the changes proposed by the
President. However, according to political experts, the point of the utmost
importance is that now the power and responsibility of forming the future
government is supposed to be moved from the President to the legislature.

It is worthy to admit that if everything works out well, that could have been a
major advance in the ruling system in Russia.

At the same time, Putin made sure to highlight that it is important and even
necessary for Russia to still remain a presidential, not a parliamentary, republic.

That is where the constitutional confusion might be coming from in the future.

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