Why did Meghan Markle decide to give birth at home?

Meghan Markle has never hidden that she prefers home birth. While still pregnant with her first child, she had hoped that it would all happen at Frogmore Cottage, where she and Harry had lived together before resigning their royal duties. But at 40 weeks, the baby was never born. Although the Duchess remained calm, she had to go to the private Portland Hospital in London for a check-up. There she went into labor and gave birth to Archie. This time, Markle is once again pinning her hopes on the fact that she will give birth at home, in the Montecito mansion, in California. Rumor has it that she has already found Doula, a woman with a medical degree, who will perform the duties of a midwife and a psychologist. And if something goes wrong, he will quickly take the woman in labor to the hospital. Why is Markle so eager to give birth at home? Megan has always been for naturalness. She preached a healthy lifestyle and she believes that nature is so well organized that interference in its processes is unnecessary. Markle dreams of so-called lotus birth, with a minimum of intervention and being with the baby for at least an hour after its birth. The Duchess is sure that this brings her closer to the child. In addition, at home in the usual walls, labor can take place much better, because there is no stress from moving to a medical institution. However, many Englishmen who heard about Markle’s desire to give birth in the mansion, were, to put it mildly, amazed. The Duchess is no longer so young, she is under 40, and she recently had a miscarriage, which means that she definitely needs good medical support to avoid various unpleasant situations. This question was even raised on British TV. Not only women were outraged, but also men, who wonder how Prince Harry can allow this. After all, in such a matter, you cannot go on about your wife. This is very serious.

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