Why did Elizabeth II invite Biden to visit?

Elizabeth II will meet with Joe Biden at Windsor Castle on June 13. While the whole world is wondering what topics will be raised during this event, political scientists say that serious discussions should not be expected. There have been similar meetings with many presidents. They carry a status subtext rather than a political one.

Meeting of two elderly people

The planned meeting was announced on Twitter by the royal family. They did not specify the purpose of the American leader’s visit to the UK, nor the topics that Elizabeth II and Joe Biden plan to discuss. However, political scientists are sure that this event does not carry any political burden.

“There is no politics involved. First, because the Queen of Great Britain does not make any important political decisions. Secondly, because the United States and the United Kingdom already have a very close and excellent strategic relationship, one of the best in the world that is possible.”

The interlocutor is sure that this is just the realization of the desires of two “super-experienced and very elderly people” who can afford to do what they want. The Queen of Great Britain is pleased to meet with the US leader. And the president is pleased to meet with the Queen of Great Britain — the most media-hyped monarch of the modern world.

“In addition, they both have a huge political experience. We can say that there are two hypothetical wise men. Maybe they will be wise during the conversation, and maybe not. It is unknown. But each of them is pleased to meet a hypothetical sage. This has only personal significance for them,” the political scientist explained.

“Purely etiquette”

A similar point of view was expressed by another political scientist, publicist, and associate professor of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. He recalled that Biden is not the only president with whom the Queen of Great Britain met.

“She is the head of state; he is the head of the United States. Why don’t they meet? She also met with Trump. This is diplomatic practice, rather a status event, because it is not the Queen who makes the real decisions. But she is, among other things, the head of the English community. This event emphasizes the importance of the royal family, and in general — traditions. Quite a normal protocol event. I do not think that any significant topics will be discussed. Most likely, this is purely etiquette,” he said.

Presidents and the Queen

The Queen met Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, on July 13, 2018, also at Windsor Castle. The meeting lasted 45 minutes. As Trump later said, he and his wife Melania got along well with the queen.

“It was a very easy conversation <…>. We felt great,” he stressed.

Then Trump and Elizabeth II discussed the previous US presidents with whom she met, as well as “Brexit.” His queen found it a difficult problem. Trump refused to voice other details of the Queen’s opinion on “Brexit.” Elizabeth also met with many Russian presidents. In 2003, the British Queen was visited by Vladimir Putin. Because of the traffic jam, he was 12 minutes late for the meeting. Unlike the meetings with Biden and Trump, the Queen’s meeting with Putin took place at Buckingham Palace, not Windsor Castle.

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