WHO wants to test Russian vaccine against COVID-19

The World Health Organization wants to test the safety of the first registered COVID-19 vaccine. The WHO said that they are in contact with Russian scientists and are going to analyze the data on the drug, WHO spokesman Tariq Yazarevich said at a briefing.

We are in contact with the Russian authorities. The discussion is about the possible prequalification of the vaccine.

Tarik Yazarevich, WHO Representative

As noted by the representative of the organization, vaccine research should be carried out in accordance with established procedures at each stage of development. This is necessary to ensure the safety and efficacy of drugs that go into production.

The safety of the medicine, according to Yazarevich, should not be compromised by the speed of production.

Yesterday, on August 11, it became known that Russia had registered the first vaccine against COVID-19. The medicine will be produced by the Gamaleya center and Binnopharm, the Ministry of Health said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he expects a massive release of the Russian coronavirus vaccine in the near future. He also said that his daughter was vaccinated against the coronavirus. According to him, after the vaccination, her temperature rose, but then immunity was formed.