Who took the first place in the rating of approval of the actions of world leaders?

The leaders of Russia, the United States, and China are “fighting hard” for second place in the annually updated rating of approval of the actions of world leaders. This is stated in the published report of Gallup.

Gallup surveys (in each of the more than 130 countries covered by the study, 1 thousand people were interviewed) showed that the German leadership has the highest approval in the world for actions in 2019 (surveys were conducted from March 2019 to February 2020). The policy pursued by Angela Merkel and her Cabinet is approved by 44% of all respondents (the median indicator). A year earlier, it was 39%, but this was enough to remain in the first place. The last time Germany lost it to the United States was in 2016.

The approval rating for the actions of the US leadership collapsed in 2017 — from 48 to 30%, but since then, it has been slowly growing — to 31% in 2018 and 33% in 2019. The latest increase allowed Donald Trump to bypass Chinese leader XI Jinping, whose rating fell from 34% to 32%.

The approval rate for the actions of the Russian leadership has not changed over the past year — 30%. As in the previous ten-plus years, Vladimir Putin is ranked last. The country also remains in second place in the rating of disapproval, second only to the United States — the actions of the administration of Donald trump are critically evaluated by 42% of respondents, and the team of Vladimir Putin — 33%. The activities of the Chinese leadership are not approved by 30% of respondents, and the German Chancellor — only 21%.

Next year, the situation may change, which Gallup experts associate with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The global pandemic is likely to affect how the world will judge the leadership of all four countries-the US, Germany, China, and Russia — the next time they are asked about it. All countries may face a rise or fall in their quotes depending on how their leaders responded to the global crisis, but this is especially true for China, where COVID-19 is believed to have come from. The US, which announced its withdrawal from the World Health Organization during a pandemic,” Gallup noted in the report.

The authors report that in different regions of the world, the actions of the leaders of the United States, Germany, China, and Russia are evaluated differently. For example, in Europe, 24%

disapprove of Merkel’s policy, which is slightly more than the average in the world, but support, as a year earlier, just 56%. The actions of the US leadership are approved by 24% and disapproved by 61%: in comparison with the previous year, the share of critics has increased (+2 p.p.), while approving has not changed. The percentage of those who accept the behavior of the Chinese authorities has decreased to 23%, while those who disapprove have increased to 51%.

The most critical assessment in Europe of the actions of the Russian leadership is 62% against and only 19% for-2 p. p. less than a year earlier.

In other parts of the world, the balance of power is different.
In Asia:

The actions of the German leadership are approved by 39%, 23 do not approve%;

USA-32% approve, 39% disapprove%;
China-31% approve, 37% disapprove%;
Russia-30% approve, 36% disapprove.
In Africa:

The actions of the US leadership are approved by 52%, disapproved by 20%:
China-51% approve, 16% disapprove%;
Germany-46% approve, 18% disapprove%;
Russia-40% approve, 33% disapprove.
In a new light:
The actions of the German leadership are approved by 35%, disapproved by 25%:
USA-34% approve, 51% disapprove%;
China-32% approve, 35% disapprove%;
Russia-28% approve, 35% disapprove.

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