WHO: The US may become the new epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic

Meanwhile, Trump said that he wants the country to “open up and be ready to jump ahead by mid-April.”

WASHINGTON – First, it was China, and then Italy, and in the near future, the United States may take their place.

The World Health Organization says the US could soon become the epicenter of a global coronavirus pandemic, despite President Donald Trump’s claims that he wants life in the US to return to normal within a few weeks.

WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris said that there was a “very large outbreak in the US that is getting worse.”

According to Harris, 85 percent of new confirmed cases are in Europe and the United States, of which 40 percent are in the United States.

However, according to Harris, increasing the scale of testing in the US can reduce the rate of increase in the incidence.

The pandemic has caused a sharp slowdown in the American economy, which was rumbling only a month ago: many companies have stopped working, entertainment venues have closed, and people have been told to stay at home.
President Trump said that he “would like the country to open up and be ready to jump ahead before Easter,” which is celebrated on April 12.

“We need to get back to work sooner, much earlier than everyone thought,” the President told Fox News.

Some medical experts think this is a bad idea.

The head of the American society for the control of infectious diseases, Dr. Thomas File Jr., said that easing the requirements of social distance and other restrictions to a “randomly selected date” when the coronavirus continues to spread, “will accelerate the spread of the disease, overload medical facilities that still lack the necessary equipment, and lead to preventable deaths.”

“The President should set a date for lifting nationwide restrictions on social distancing only if there is medical data showing that it is safe to do so,” File said.

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