WHO: the pandemic is accelerating. In the world for a week — a record number of cases of COVID-19

Over the past week, the world recorded a record number of new cases of coronavirus infection. At the same time, the number of deaths from COVID-19, despite the surge in the disease, is decreasing. The World Health Organization provides such data.

As noted in the WHO weekly newsletter, the number of officially confirmed cases of coronavirus infection exceeded 30.6 million, which is almost 2 million, or 6% more than in the previous week.
At the same time, over the past seven days, WHO received reports of 37.7 thousand deaths, which is 10% less than from 7 to 13 of September. As of September 20, the organization had confirmed data on 950,000 deaths due to coronavirus.

The highest increase in mortality among the regions — by 27% compared to the previous seven days — was recorded in Europe. During the week, more than 4 thousand people died here, and the total number of deaths approached 230 thousand. The number of infected people increased by more than 360 thousand — to almost 5.2 million.

Most of the cases over the past week were detected in France (almost 67 thousand), Spain (more than 50 thousand), and Russia (more than 40 thousand).

In the Americas, the number of cases increased by 38% last week compared to the previous week. However, the death rate decreased by 22% over the same period. In total, almost 770 thousand people were infected in this region from September 14 to 20, and the total number of infected people was close to 15.5 million. In seven days, more than 19 thousand deaths were registered, and as of September 20, the total number of deaths was almost 530 thousand.

In the South-East Asia region, almost 700 thousand people were infected in a week, and their total number approached 6.1 million. The number of deaths exceeded 101 thousand, which is 9.3 thousand more than a week earlier.