WHO says there is no second wave of the coronavirus pandemic in the world

Types and forms of coronavirus show no second wave of the covid-19 pandemic, said Dorit Nitzan, regional Director for emergencies at the world health organization.

“The types and forms of coronavirus show that there is no second wave of a pandemic,” Nitzan said during the conference “Pandemic 2020: challenges, solutions, consequences.

According to her, “there are countries where (at present) there is an increase (in the number of cases of coronavirus), but there are also countries where there is a decline.” “We look at this situation daily, we study the situation in countries where there is a decrease (in the number of cases)”, — said the representative of the WHO.

Nitzan pointed out that “many people do not realize that the coronavirus is a very threatening disease” because only five percent of the world’s population has become critically ill. “But these five percents are suffering very much, their lives are at risk, it’s hard to say, but it’s tough for them,” Nitzan added.

On March 11, the World Health Organization declared the outbreak of the new COVID-19 coronavirus infection a pandemic. According to WHO, the number of detected cases of coronavirus infection worldwide has exceeded 37 million. Worldwide, 37,109,851 cases of coronavirus infection have been registered, and 1,070,355 patients with confirmed COVID-19 have died.