WHO releases COVID-19 app

WHO has released an official app with the latest information on COVID-19. It can also provide data that is associated with a specific user location.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has launched a mobile app where you can find confirmed instructions, news, and updates regarding COVID-19. As noted in the organization, it will not have a contact tracking function, this application provides only an educational service. At first, WHO wanted to release the app in April, but later clarified that it was not intended for public access.

This application will be useful for informing and limiting the spread of COVID-19 by providing safety recommendations and up-to-date information.

The COVID-19 Updates section contains the latest news and information, as well as real-time notifications based on the user’s location. On the home screen, cases can be found nationally and globally, allowing people to track the coronavirus outbreak. Users can also scroll down to view all basic hygiene standards.

In order to find out detailed information about the symptoms of COVID-19, there is a Check-Up tab in the application – there are all the main and less common symptoms.

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