WHO: more than 634 thousand people in the world have been infected with coronavirus

634,835 cases of new coronavirus infection and 29,957 deaths were reported worldwide on March 29. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported this on Sunday in its daily newsletter.

According to the statistics, the number of infected people increased by more than 63 thousand people per day, and the number of deaths increased by 3,464. Most cases of illness and death were registered in the European region — 361,031 and 21,493 cases, respectively. During the day, the number of cases there increased by 36,688, and the number of deaths – by 2,753.

In the Americas, 120,798 people were infected with the coronavirus and 1,973 died. The Western Pacific region, which includes China, the Republic of Korea and Japan, ranks third in terms of morbidity. As of March 29, 102,803 cases and 3,626 deaths were recorded there.

As follows from the WHO table of incidence by country, the most infected were in the United States-103,321. Next are Italy (92,472), China (82,356), Spain (72,248) and Germany (52,547).

Author: Flyn Braun
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