WHO: Humanity will not get rid of coronavirus in 2021

The representative of the World Health Organization, Melita Vujnovic hopes that the pandemic can be stopped as early as next year. Still, the world will not get rid of the coronavirus soon.

“I hope that we will stop the pandemic. What is a pandemic – it means the simultaneous illness of many people around the globe. But the virus will stay with us. I am afraid that we will not get rid of the “corona” so soon, ” Vujnovich said in an interview, answering the question whether the coronavirus pandemic could end next year.

Vujnovic also said that the vaccines currently being developed would not lose their effectiveness with mutations of the coronavirus.

“At this point, yes,” she said when asked whether the vaccines under development would be effective against mutations in the coronavirus.

Vujnovic noted that the mutation of the virus is normal.

“It is very important to understand that not every change in the genome of a virus means a change in its behaviour. We do not see a situation where the virus has changed so much that it changes its behaviour and will even change the pandemic, ” added the WHO representative.

Earlier, Vujnovic expressed the opinion that the first generation of vaccines against the new coronavirus will stop the pandemic only with a high proportion of the immunized population.

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