Donald Trump: 5 children from 3 marriages-how do the children of the US President live?

The current President of the United States is Donald Trump. He actively attracts all family members to his activities, which is why the media often call his presidency a “family enterprise.” For more information about how the children of US President Donald Trump live, see the information below.

Family life

Donald Trump married three times. Now he has five children and eight grandchildren.

Donald’s first marriage was in 1977 to Ivana Zelnickova (a Czechoslovak skier, model, and businesswoman). The couple has three children with him: Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric. But in 1993, their marriage broke up, according to Donald; this was because the wife simply could not share it with the work that Donald devoted a significant part of his time.

The second marriage was to Marla Maples (known in television and the film industry). The marriage lasted six years, and as a result, Tiffany Ariana was born. But later, the marriage broke up for the same reason as with Ivana.

Since 2005 and to the present time, he is married to Melania Trump (maiden name-Knaus). In 2006, their son Barron Williams was born.

Donald Junior Trump

He is the oldest of Donald Trump’s children. His father divorced his mother when Donald Jr. was 12 years old. But this did not negatively affect the interaction of family members. Now Donald Trump Jr. works in his father’s company as Executive Vice President and shows excellent results.

He married Vanessa Haydon (a famous model), and the couple had five children from this marriage.

Ivanka Trump

She is the eldest daughter of Donald Trump, who does not get tired of trying herself in various spheres. She started as a model (at the age of 16, she was placed on the cover of Seventeen magazine) and achieved success in this field. She began to try her hand at writing, although this activity has not yet brought her good fruits, the girl does not leave her. Also, Ivanka actively helps her father with his business.

Ivanka currently serves as Executive Vice President at the Trump Organization. She married Jared Kushner (a well-known businessman); from this marriage, they have three children.

Eric Trump

He is the youngest of the children from Donald Trump’s first marriage. Unlike the others, he was not too eager for publicity, and the media did not receive critical information about him for a long time. It was later revealed that when his education at Georgetown was completed, Eric took up the same position in his father’s company as his older brother.

In 2014, Eric was married to Lara Yunaska (known producer and childhood friend Eric). The couple doesn’t have children yet.

Tiffany Ariana

Tiffany Ariana is the child of Donald Trump’s second marriage. Her mother divorced her father when Tiffany Ariana was just five years old. After the divorce, the girl stayed with her mother, and her father occasionally visited her.

The girl is very famous on Instagram and has more than a million followers. She doesn’t work for her father’s company, but she often helps him. So she campaigned for the people of America to vote for Donald Trump in the presidential election.

In 2014, she released the music single “LikeaBird.” Not so long ago, she graduated from University, interned at Vogue magazine, but has not yet found something to do.

Barron Williams

He is the son of Donald Trump’s current marriage. Now he is 14 years old. According to his mother, Melania, Barron is more like Donald than any other child. He prefers to wear only high-quality suits and carefully delves into how his father conducts business.

While he continues to study at school, and most of his free time first spent in his parents ‘ house, where he has an entire floor at his disposal and now settled in the White House. Little is known about Barron’s personal life, but it is clear that he has excellent prospects in the future.

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