WHO has tightened the guidelines for wearing masks

The representative of the World Health Organization, Margaret Harris, called for wearing masks not only indoors but also in open spaces.

New WHO recommendations state that masks should now be worn outdoors if it is impossible to maintain a safe distance of at least a meter. Indoor protective equipment is needed if they are poorly ventilated. The organization’s experts also advise you to use a mask if the ventilation is good, but you can’t keep your distance from another person.

Products with valves on respirators are generally not recommended, as they do not filter the exhaled air. It is best to wear three-layer masks, which are made of breathable fabrics.

WHO does not recommend using protective plastic face screens, as they only provide eye protection and do not protect against splashes during coughing or sneezing. At the same time, it’s better to wear a screen than nothing, the organization added.

Do not use the mask safely only when playing sports.

The coronavirus pandemic has reached almost the entire world. More than 63 million people have already been infected, of which almost one and a half million have died. Most cases of infection were recorded in the United States, India, and Brazil.

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