Who Has The Best Chance Of Winning The Stanley Cup?

The NHL is back and the postseason will see a twenty-four team system come into play with the Stanley Cup up for grabs. It’s an eagerly anticipated tournament for several reasons, with many suggesting it could provide the best playoffs of all time. With twenty-four outfits involved, we’ve checked out the runners and riders to nail down who we think will come up trumps.

Eastern Conference

Boston Bruins

The Boston Bruins will undoubtedly head into the tournament as the favourites. For sports bettors looking for sound wagers and odds on NHL, you could say the Bruins are the safest bet. Before the NHL season ground to a halt, they had won sixteen out of their last twenty games. They also possess the most wins, regulation wins and have the best goal differential as well.

Before the pause, everything was going right for the Bruins, so the question is whether the layoff will have affected them negatively. If it hasn’t, they should come out on top, especially if they find their form again.

Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa Bay Lightning are the Boston Bruin’s closest rivals, and before the pause, they were starting to close the gap. They also had a substantial lead over the Toronto Maple Leafs in third, putting themselves in a fantastic position.

Heading into the tournament, Tampa Bay Lightning are in a familiar position, which they can use to their advantage in many respects. Yes, they often get there and flop. They crashed out in the first round last season. But, they could take the step this year, as they know where they keep going wrong.

Western Conference

St. Louis Blues

St. Louis Blues were cruising at the top of the Western Conference before the recent break in play. They had a sixteen point lead built up over the playoff group but were only two points in front of the Colorado Avalanche in second place.

Heading into the Stanley Cup, the familiarity between the players and the team chemistry will prove to be crucial factors, in our opinion. It will stand them in good stead ahead of what’s to come. And, as you will expect, Jordan Binnington’s performances will be critical if they’re to enjoy success.

Colorado Avalanche

Before the pause in the NHL, the Colorado Avalanche were in a fantastic position in the Western Conference. Yes, the St. Louis Blues had a two-point advantage in the league, but the Avalanche had a game in hand. And that’s worth noting.

In terms of what the team can do in the cup, they have all the ingredients to make a terrific fight of it, especially as they added depth to their line-up this time last year. So, they should go well. The only negative is that they lack the playoff experience. But, as we saw last season when the Blues won the cup, it isn’t a mitigating factor every time.

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