White House: Trump did not give an order to declassify new documents on the Russian investigation

We are talking about documents related to the investigation attributed to the American President’s ties with Russia and the email scandal of his rival in the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton.

US President Donald Trump has not given instructions to declassify any new documents related to the investigation of alleged links to Russia and the email scandal of his 2016 election rival Hillary Clinton. This is stated in a written statement provided to the court by the chief of staff of the White House staff Mark Meadows. The document was published on Tuesday in the instance database.

Meadows was forced to give this explanation after a journalist from the BuzzFeed portal appealed to the court of the capital district of Columbia with a demand to provide him with the full text of the report of former US special Prosecutor Robert Mueller on the results of his investigation into Moscow’s alleged influence on the American elections. He cited Trump’s statements on Twitter, which the President made in early October, as justification. The head of the White House then wrote that he had permitted to declassify in full and without removing any confidential information all documents, without exception, related to the investigation of links attributed to him with Russia, as well as the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

“The President informed me that his statements on Twitter were not immediate declassification orders and did not require the declassification or publication of any specific documents,” Meadows explained in response to the court. “The President’s statements instead concerned the authorization that he had already given to the attorney General (US attorney General William Barr), to declassify documents as part of its verification of the activities of the special services related to the 2016 presidential election and some related cases,” the chief of staff of the White House said.

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