White House: Trump condemns the violence and unrest in the Capitol

According to the president’s press secretary, rioters, who violated the law, should be brought to criminal responsibility.

President Donald Trump “in the strongest possible terms” condemns the violent actions of his supporters, who stormed the Capitol building on Wednesday afternoon after a rally during which the current head of state addressed the participants of the march in his support. White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany announced this.

“I want to make it clear: the violence that we saw in the Capitol was horrific, reprehensible and contrary to American ideals [incident],” McEnany said, addressing reporters in the White House conference room.

“All of us – the President and his administration – condemn this in the strongest possible terms. This is unacceptable. Those who broke the law should be prosecuted,” McEnany added.

A White House spokeswoman declined to answer questions from reporters, according to Reuters.

“The people working in this building are engaged in ensuring an orderly transfer of power. Now it’s time for America to unite,” McEnany said.

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