White House: the US can conclude a trade agreement with China by March 1

The President Trump is pleased with the progress of negotiations with Beijing.

The President Donald Trump told on Wednesday about the progress of negotiations on a trade agreement between the US and China. “I am pleased with the current situation,” Trump said, answering a question from a journalist in the White House about the course of the US – Chinese trade negotiations.

Earlier, the US President promised to increase from the current 10% to 25% duty on imports of a number of Chinese goods worth $200 billion a year. Trump said that this increase will take place on March 2, if Beijing does not take measures to protect American intellectual property.

The White House also insist on the abolition of Chinese legislation, which literally forces American companies to transfer their technology to partners from China. Among the other requirements of trump-an increase in the share of imported goods from the US in the Chinese market and the removal of other barriers to the US imports to China.

The Chinese authorities “very much want to conclude an agreement,” Trump said. “Let’s see what happens. But now our negotiations with China are moving very well, “the President added.

Chinese authorities have repeatedly denied Washington’s accusations of copyright infringement of American companies.

On the afternoon of January 23, Kevin Hassett, adviser to the Trump administration on the economy, said that the US and China can conclude a trade agreement no later than March 1.

The duties, introduced in the US against Chinese imports, and the response of Beijing has negatively affected the activities of many companies in both countries. For example, the US company Apple in January reduced its sales forecast, explaining this weak demand in the Chinese market.

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