White House promises support for Americans affected by coronavirus

President Donald Trump has passed a coronavirus test, saying that he has a “completely normal” temperature. This happened during a press conference about the coronavirus situation, which was held at the White House.

After administration officials went to unprecedented lengths to take the temperature of journalists who arrived at a news conference, Trump said that he had been tested for the virus on Friday evening, adding that the results of the tests would be known “in a day or two.”

The President said that his administration has extended the ban on flights to the US from Ireland and the UK. The ban will take effect on Sunday night.

Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases, told reporters that 2226 cases of infection with the new coronavirus were registered in the United States on Saturday, clarifying that the outbreak has not yet reached its peak.

According to Fauci, President Trump’s actions in declaring a nationwide state of emergency on Friday mean that “everything is now ready” to accelerate the pace of testing to contain the coronavirus outbreak on US soil.

Vice President Mike Pence, commenting on the measures taken by the authorities in connection with the coronavirus outbreak, stressed that Americans who are now unable to go to work for some reason should not worry.

“If you are now ill, you should not worry if you have an hourly wage you don’t have to worry about staying at home. If you are ill, stay at home. You will not lose your salary because of this. The legislation that is currently in Congress guarantees that your employer, including small businesses, will be able to provide you with paid leave,” pence said.
The Vice President added that the emergency assistance bill also assists the elderly, women, children and low-income families. In addition, state authorities will be able to provide unemployment benefits to more people, Pence added.

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