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White House: possible foreign interference won’t change American votes

The US authorities discovered the alleged threats in advance, said assistant to the US President for national security Robert O’Brien.

The estimated interference in the general elections in the United States from foreign countries will not change American voters’ votes. This was announced on Sunday by national security assistant to the President of the United States Robert O’Brien in an interview with CBS.

He was asked to comment on American intelligence’s recent statements about efforts attributed to some countries to interfere in the American electoral process, particularly gaining access to the electoral system itself to change the American vote or create various obstacles in this regard. “No, they will not be able to do any of this,” the adviser to the head of state said. – We caught in advance (found the alleged threats) them because we have excellent specialists in the field of cybersecurity who will not allow [hacker attacks]. But they (hackers) can’t do anything to change your vote or prevent you from voting.”

According to O’Brien, the” best way” for voters to “defeat American foreign adversaries” is to “get out [of the house] and vote.” “I think what all these countries are trying to do is <…> sow discord among Americans and cause chaos [in the US], – he believes. “And they do it in every possible way.”

The presidential aide also stressed that 95% of ballots across the country are somehow fixed on paper, making it “extremely difficult” for hackers to interfere in the election.

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