White House employees are required to wear masks at work

This decision was made after two people tested positive for coronavirus.

On Monday, the White House ordered that all employees working in the West wing wear masks. This decision was made only after two people were found to have a coronavirus, administration officials said.

The new recommendations, published in a memo to the President on Monday, reflect a tightening of procedures at the highest level of the US government due to concerns that Trump and Vice President Mike Pence may be exposed to the virus. Trump’s military Valet and pence’s press Secretary tested positive for coronavirus last week.

The 73-year-old American President said on Monday that he does not believe that these cases indicate that the White house system has stopped working. “I didn’t feel any vulnerability,” Trump said, and added that he considered the situation “very good.”

However, the President said that he would refrain from direct contact with Mike Pence, perhaps by phone, for some time.

It is reported that Mike Pence worked at the White House on Monday, but did not attend the press conference held in the Rose garden. The officials who visited it were masked, and the speakers used a podium different from the one used by Trump.

President Trump has opposed the masks and has not worn them publicly, although he said he tried using the covers during a visit to a factory producing them in Arizona last week.
Last week, the White House said it was increasing precautions for people who spend time near the President and Vice President who have resumed travel outside of Washington. Donald Trump and Mike Pence are tested for the virus daily.

“In addition to social distancing, daily temperature checks, hand sanitizer, and regular cleaning of all workplaces, every employee near the President and Vice President are tested daily for COVID-19, just like any other visitor,” White House spokesman Judd Deere said.

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