White House doesn’t give Biden access to messages from foreign leaders

The current US President Donald Trump administration does not allow Joe Biden, who announced his election victory, to get access to messages from foreign leaders, CNN reports, citing State Department officials familiar with the situation.

It is reported that a stack of messages for Biden from foreign leaders is in the State Department, but the administration of the current head of state does not allow him to access them. According to the TV channel, Biden’s team independently communicates with foreign governments, without logistical and translation support from the State Department’s operations center.

“They would prefer to use the resources of the State Department,” a source familiar with the situation told the TV channel.

The channel’s sources also stressed that representatives of foreign leaders were forced to ask for help from diplomats who worked under the presidency of Barack Obama to send congratulatory messages to Biden’s headquarters.

The Washington Post previously reported that the Trump administration had told agencies not to cooperate with Joe Biden’s transition team for now.

According to media reports, Joe Biden won the US presidential election. He has already declared his victory. Republican President Trump has not yet conceded defeat. His lawyers are filing lawsuits in various state courts demanding that the vote count be suspended and that the alleged violations be investigated.

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