White House: attack on Microsoft servers is an “active threat” to US security

As a result of the actions of hackers, tens of thousands of organizations were affected.

The White House called an “active threat” to US security a hacker attack allegedly organized by pro-government hackers in China on Microsoft’s email servers.

The hackers tried to gain access to information from US universities, Pentagon contractors, research institutions involved in the study of infectious diseases, and law firms, Microsoft said.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the vulnerabilities in the software that uses the Exchange servers are “significant” and “may have long-term consequences.”

Microsoft and a source in the US federal government believe that the first attack was carried out by “highly professional” hackers from the Hafnium group, based in China and supported by the Chinese government. Later, other actors joined the attack.

As a result of the actions of hackers who took advantage of a vulnerability in Microsoft software, more than 20 thousand US organizations were affected. Thousands of organizations in Europe and Asia were also affected. This was reported to Reuters by a representative of the US federal government.

Hacker attacks continue, although Microsoft on Tuesday tried to eliminate the discovered vulnerability.

All the victims use the web version of the Outlook mail client and base it on their computers, rather than using cloud services. Thanks to this, the attack may not have affected the largest companies and government agencies.

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