White House announced appointments to key cybersecurity posts

Chris Inglis has been nominated for National Cyber Director and Jen Easterly for Director of the Cybersecurity Agency.

US President Joe Biden is nominating Chris Inglis for National Cyber Director and Jen Easterly for director of the Agency for Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security, the White House said on Monday.

“We are determined to protect America’s computer networks and face the growing challenges from our adversaries in cyberspace. This is the perfect team for this task,” said White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan.

The US government is taking broad measures to combat cyberattacks after it became known in December that Russian hackers attacked nine federal agencies.

Easterly and Inglis are seasoned cybersecurity experts who have worked in government for decades. Both previously held senior positions at the National Security Agency.

Biden has previously appointed several other former senior members of the intelligence agency to key cybersecurity positions. So, the National Security Council includes former NSA Director for cybersecurity Anne Neuberger and senior adviser to the Director-General of the NSA, Paul Nakasone.

“I look forward to working with Chris and Jen as we continue to modernize our cyberspace defense capabilities and enhance the nation’s ability to prevent and respond effectively to cybersecurity incidents,” Neuberger said in a statement.

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