“Where are you hurrying to?” Putin responded to a question about Russia after him

“Where are you hurrying to? I’m not going anywhere yet, ” the President said.

Putin said that Russia feels “confident and self-sufficient” and is ready to cooperate with other countries, including the United States. He expressed hope that Washington would realize the need to solve common problems.

The President also touched upon the national projects implemented in the country. “These are large-scale, very ambitious tasks. If we confidently follow the path of their decision, the country will change, change for the better, ” the President said.

Putin’s fourth presidential term ends in 2024. Under the current Constitution, the same person may not hold the office of President for more than two consecutive terms. In March, immediately after the presidential election, Putin said that he had no plans to change the text of the Basic law.
In early October, Valery Zorkin, the head of the constitutional court, spoke for “point changes” in the Constitution. He did not mention the article on the terms of office of the President.

Author: Flyn Braun
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