Whatsapp was fined €225 million for violating EU data protection rules

In addition to the fine, the messenger will be obliged to bring the user agreement into compliance with EU rules.

The Irish Data Protection Commission has ordered the American messenger WhatsApp to pay a fine of €225 million for the lack of transparency in the processing of personal data. This was reported on Thursday by Bloomberg.

According to him, the commission found violations in the description of how the service processes user data. The agency said that in addition to the fine, it would oblige the messenger to bring the user agreement into compliance with EU rules. The decision was largely influenced by the changes that WhatsApp made to the user agreement since May 15.

At the beginning of the year, WhatsApp announced an updated user agreement, which caused a strong resonance worldwide, up to the refusal of the governments of some countries to use the messenger. One of the main complaints concerned the expansion of data exchange between WhatsApp and the parent company – Facebook.

WhatsApp said it would appeal the commission’s decision. “We completely disagree with today’s decision regarding the transparency [in the processing of personal data] offered to people in 2018, and [we believe that] the fine is completely disproportionate,” the agency quoted a WhatsApp official as saying.

This is not the first time that the EU has fined companies for violating data protection rules. In July 2021, the regulatory authority in Luxembourg imposed a fine of €746 million ($888 million) on the American corporation Amazon. Bloomberg noted that this is the largest fine that has ever been charged in the European Union for such violations.

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