WhatsApp postponed the introduction of new rules

Messenger WhatsApp has postponed the introduction of the updated user agreement due to the wave of criticism from users.

Previously, users had to accept the new agreement by February 8, or, otherwise, lose access to the application. From the text of the agreement, it followed that personal data of users would become available to the entire family of Facebook applications.

This caused numerous complaints. Many have even started switching to other messengers – Telegram and Signal. For example, in just 72 hours, 25 million users were registered in Telegram, as a result of which the number of active users worldwide exceeded the 500 million mark.

Because of this, WhatsApp decided to introduce new privacy rules later – on May 15. The team wants to dispel rumors and reassure its users during this time.

“We decided to extend the period for consideration and acceptance of our terms by users. We do not intend to block or delete anyone’s accounts on February 8th. In addition, we plan to actively work to dispel false rumors about the principles of privacy and security of communication on WhatsApp. Then we will gradually begin to invite our users to familiarize themselves with the new policy by May 15, when new opportunities for companies will take effect, ”the company blog says.

WhatsApp also announced a lot of misinformation and assured that the new rules would not affect correspondence. They are, as before, protected by encryption, and messages will not be stored on Facebook’s servers. The fact is that the practice of transferring some information to Facebook has existed before since WhatsApp is a subsidiary of Facebook. But this practice will not be extended either after February 8th or after May 15th.

Author: John Kessler
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